Our Company, Treasure Business Technology Development Limited is a company which is specialized in the Research, Development, Project management, contracting and Maintenance work for Electronics. Our Clients included government departments, hospital, university, shopping malls and restaurants..It was established in 2005 and since then has been reputed as a professional, reliable and experienced partner. We strive for the customer satisfaction and service excellence for our clients.
Since then we have to develop our Queuing systems and Electrical charging system consistently. We have our software house to develop various solutions as per client requests.
Actually, we are now in the contractor list of Electrical and mechanical service Department, Drainage Service Department, Education Bureau and other commercial parties.
Moreover, we extend our scope into banking system for their clients analysis platform.
You are welcome to call us for further discussion if any.
麗業科技發展有限公司成立於一九九五年. 本司專注於科研,發展, 工程管理, 承辦及保養電子工程. 我們的容戶有政府部門, 醫院, 大學, 商埸及酒店等. 我們初視為一個專業的合作伙伴及致力提供優質服務務求顧客滿意.
我們在電充車樁及排隊机系統的研發都是力求創新, 不斷進步的. 另外, 我們有自己的軟件開發團隊以配合客戶需要.
我司亦是机電工程署, 渠務署及教育局的表列承辦商.